About Kunversion

Our History

The year was 2001, 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train was endlessly playing on the radio. People still listened to the radio. Google AdWords just came out. Most local real estate boards just started to allow access to this new thing called IDX. A college student named Justin Tracy had an idea to combine PPC (pay per click) with IDX (internet data exchange) and after a summer of hard drinking... I mean programming, he created a product known as Realty Generator. After a few months of going at it solo, he got a call from a mortgage broker named Tom Ray. Tom flew him out to Colorado and a partnership was born. The two ran Realty Generator for six years generating well over one million leads and a ton of very happy customers. They sold Realty Generator to Market Leader in 2007, to take a well needed break. After a legally mandated three year hiatus, the two got back on the saddle in 2011 and started Kunversion.

The Present

Kunversion was dreamt up to take advantage of all the new technological features the Internet has offered in the last few years. From cloud computing to HTML5, we took advantage of all the newest technology when building Kunversion. We are constantly building new features within Kunversion. It's all done in house, never farmed out overseas. That goes for our customer support as well. All our agents including our chat operators are located in the good ol' US of A. We pride ourselves on taking your feedback seriously. Most support tickets are remedied the day they come in, and most new feature requests are done within a week.

The Future

The world of real estate technology is a very fluid one. Between the Zillows and Realtor.coms trying to take over the world and the economy trying to dig itself out of that hole, the future isn't very certain. We believe it is up to the small and medium-sized brokerages to take back control and establish their place in the market. This can only happen by taking control of the content they own, their listings... and using them on a website owned and controlled by them. This website has to rival the experience they will get on the big venture capital funded websites, including a fully functional mobile application. This will generate leads for the brokerage at the lowest possible cost. This will also ensure listing data is accurate and that leads are followed up on immediately and not stagnating in some lead warehouse angering the potential homebuyer. Without getting all political on you guys, we just want to let you know we are on your side. One of our co-founders owns his own real estate company (www.wrightinnyack.com) so we have a vested interest in helping small to mid-sized brokerages navigate the minefield of modern real estate technology.

Tom Ray

Tom Ray Tom Ray is the current CEO and co-founder of Kunversion LLC. In late 2002 as he searched Google frantically for a Real Estate Lead Generation platform for his Mortgage and Real Estate Company in Denver Colorado he stumbled upon a small internet company in Warwick, NY called Media Haven. Little did he know that this one-man show was run by then computer whiz kid, Justin Tracy. It was a perfect match, Tom sporting a successful long term sales and marketing career combined with Justin’s insightful and skillful technical abilities combined to form Realty Generator. The rest is history. He is an avid flyfisherman traveling the globe in search of the ultimate fishing experience. He also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, playing volleyball and snowboarding in his spare time.

Justin Tracy

Justin Tracy Justin Tracy is current CTO and co-founder of Kunversion, LLC. Prior to Kunversion, Justin founded and created Realty Generator www.realtygenerator.com, one of the first and most successful IDX powered real estate lead generation systems that was sold to Market Leader (House Values) in the fall of 2007. He also co-owns Wright Bros. Real Estate www.wrightinnyack.com, Rockland County NY's leading independent brokerage. In his spare time he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and developing Internet apps when not hanging with his wife and his sons.

Melanie Ebersole

Melanie Hallsten Ebersole Melanie Ebersole is the current COO of Kunversion, LLC. Prior to Kunversion, Melanie worked with Tom and Justin as Director of Customer Support for Realty Generator,as well as with Market Leader (House Values) when Realty Generator was sold. Having enjoyed working with Tom and Justin previously she was excited about their new venture. An avid horsewoman, Melanie also enjoys shooting with her son and husband, motorcycle riding, photography and the great outdoors.

Walter Dearing

Walter Dearning Walter Dearing is the current VP of Engineering. Walter worked with the Realty Generator team while pursuing his Masters in Computer Engineering at Columbia University. It was at this time where he became a 'MLS Integration Wizard.' Walter's history ranges from lead developer of a live online video streaming service to assembly programmer of a radar system. Walter uses his engineering background to develop a scalable and robust backend system using every technology currently available. In his spare time he enjoys running, hiking, gardening, and traveling to baseball parks across the country.

Geoff Wulfen

Geoff Wulfen Some say he was raised by wolves, and whenever he's spotted in the wild, he sports a fashionable flea collar. All we know is, his name is Geoff. His skills range from being adept at graphical design to light programming and even advertising. This is the man who you hear in almost all of the training videos you might come across for the various Kunversion dashboards, sends out newsletters & tweets, and supports the customer support team. Whenever there is a problem he usually responds with his nonchalant bravado for the simple fact that, if you have a problem, there's always a way to deal with it. In his free time he enjoys tearing up twisty mountain roads in his black coupe, hiking, road trips and ...chasing tennis balls.

Hanna Monat

This is an image Hanna Monat is a Customer Support Guru at Kunversion. She's on the other side of Chat, Support Tickets, and FB forum - she strives at getting answers to inquiries as quickly as possible. She is always willing to talk, e-mail, and GoTo until the question is resolved. She also arranges the Broker, Lender, and Agency Q&A/ webinars and can assist in any questions related to the system. Prior to Kunversion in 2011, she was a Veterinary Technician and Massage Therapist. Apart from Kunversion she enjoys hiking, traveling, gaming, remodeling/designing, and may be a big fan of Food Network…so, cooking.

Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez Tony is a very technical person. He is always trying to figure out how things work. Very easy to talk to, if he can't find a solution for a problem, he will scour the internet until one can be found. In his spare time, he can be found building websites, bringing people together, and of course, his passion - automotives. If not at work, most likely wrenching on a BMW...