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    About us


    The year was 2001, 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train was endlessly playing on the radio.

    People still listened to the radio. Google AdWords just came out. Most local real estate boards just started to allow access to this new thing called IDX. A college student named Justin Tracy had an idea to combine PPC (pay per click) with IDX (internet data exchange) and after a summer of getting pretty geeky with it, he created a product known as Realty Generator. After a few months of going at it solo, he got a call from a mortgage broker named Tom Ray. Tom flew him out to Colorado and a partnership was born. The two ran Realty Generator for six years generating well over one million leads and a ton of very happy customers. They sold Realty Generator to Market Leader in 2007, to take a well needed break. After a legally mandated three year hiatus, the two got back on the saddle in 2011 and started Kunversion.


    Current Lay of the Land

    Kunversion was dreamt up to take advantage of all the new technological features the Internet has offered in the last few years. From cloud computing to HTML5, we took advantage of all the newest technology when building Kunversion. We are constantly building new features within Kunversion. It's all done in house, never farmed out overseas. That goes for our customer support as well. All our agents including our chat operators are located in the good ol' US of A. We pride ourselves on taking your feedback seriously. Most support tickets are remedied the day they come in, and most new feature requests are done within a week.


    Technology Changes Fast

    The world of real estate technology is a very fluid one. Between the Zillows and Realtor.coms trying to take over the world and the economy trying to dig itself out of that hole, the future isn't very certain. We believe it is up to the small and medium-sized brokerages to take back control and establish their place in the market. This can only happen by taking control of the content they own, their listings... and using them on a website owned and controlled by them. This website has to rival the experience they will get on the big venture capital funded websites, including a fully functional mobile application. This will generate leads for the brokerage at the lowest possible cost. This will also ensure listing data is accurate and that leads are followed up on immediately and not stagnating in some lead warehouse angering the potential homebuyer. Without getting all political on you guys, we just want to let you know we are on your side. One of our co-founders owns his own real estate company ( so we have a vested interest in helping small to mid-sized brokerages navigate the minefield of modern real estate technology.

    Meet the support team

    These guys and gals are here to help you better use Kunversion. The best way to get in contact with us is the chat box in the bottom right.

    Melanie Ebersole Head Mum
    melanie at kunversion dot com
    Shane Ryser Support Lead
    shane at kunversion dot com
    Hanna Monat Customer Support
    hanna at kunversion dot com
    Tony Gonzalez Customer Support
    tony at kunversion dot com
    Reva Fuller Customer Support
    reva at kunversion dot com
    Scott Clitherow Customer Satisfaction
    scott at kunversion dot com
    Tricia Ebersole Head of Onboarding
    tricia at kunversion dot com
    Eric Hartman PPC Advertising Consultant
    advertising at kunversion dot com

    Your customer doesn’t care how much you

    know until they know how much you care.

    Damon Richards

    Everyone should be involved with customer service, not only are they feeling the customer

    but they are getting a feeling for what’s not working.

    Penny Handscomb


    Our New Look is Live!

    Thanks for being patience with us! We wanted to do things right and from all initial numbers we did! The site speed is 7X faster, the sign up rate is better, the lead interactions are up.

    We also built a better way for our agents to search for listings and then send them right from their agent dashboard. It even automatically shortens the URL for use on social media & email.

    Lead Metadata

    We started automatically appending some great data to all new leads. We also add the real name & address of the lead if we can find it. If the phone number is definitely bad we remove it so you don't have to waste your time calling. Finally we score the lead using 1-5 stars based on all this data. Here in an example:

    Set Initial Rating to 4 - Email and Phone quality is great Kunversion found some useful info for email Email Quality: EXCELLENT Possible Name (based on email): JEFF Is Vulgar: False Free Email Account: Unknown Is Syntax Good: True Is Business Address: True Is Email Address Deliverable: True Kunversion found some useful info for phone xxx-519-1392: Quality: GOOD Connected Status: UNKNOWN Possible Line Type: WIRELESS

    New Front End Theme

    We will be launching a new front end website soon. There are certain settings you must complete in the Broker side of Kunversion in order for your site to work correctly.

    Before we get to that, have a look at

    That is what your new site will look like! Poke around, test it out. If you really dislike anything, or have any suggestions for improvement, please email support at with your feedback! Speak now or forever hold your peace!

    Here's what you need to do:

    1. Your Website Title
    You'll see on the Sullivan test site, there is a title line and a subtitle. It currently says "Test Accounts Premier Website" and the subtitle reads "Serving all of Rockland County"

    This title/subtitle is customizeable. Just edit the "Website Title" field on the settings page on your Broker Dashboard. The first sentence will be the main title, then you end it with a period. Whatever follows the period will be the subtitle. e.g. Test Accounts Premier Website. Serving all of Rockland County. 2. Pintrest and Google+ have been added. This one is easy. Find the Pintrest and g+ fields on the settings page on your Broker Dashboard, and populate it with the correct information (if you have those kinds of accounts.)

    3. Homepage Graphic
    On the Sullivan test site, you'll see a nice image across the top. You must select a photo from our list to use on your own site. On the Broker Dashboard, mouse over "Content" and click on "Homepage Photos." Select one or more and click update at the bottom.

    4. Testimonials (add one)
    Under the content tab as well, there is a place to add a testimonial to your new site. You must have at least one added! You can add an unlimited number of testimonials.

    4. Custom Pages
    Under the content tab as well, there is a place to add custom pages. You can add anything you want just like WordPress.

    New Agent Dashboard

    Cross Browser Compatiable
    The new Dashboard works on any browser! IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Iron, etc. Give it a try! Works on tablets too! Just go to

    Add Leads with Phone Numbers
    We've had much feedback on Agents wanting to add leads with only phone numbers to their database. You can do that now! Click Quick Option -> +add lead. Phone leads can be added on the right. You can add notes to the lead after it's added by clicking text/phone leads on the left.

    CC Listing Alerts, and Multiple Alerts
    You can now add multiple listing alerts to one lead (by multiple, we mean two). So, if they want rentals and commercials, you can do that. The results for your alerts are also much easier to see. You'll notice as well on the alerts criteria page that you can CC another email address (A spouse, for example) on a leads alerts!

    Super Searching ON
    You'll notice that searching is much more robust, and organized. Included as well are some neat features such as speech-to-text capabilities. When you are reviewing a list of leads, it's also very easy to filter and sort your results using the tools in the header of each column, as well as a filter box on the top right.

    Sync w/Google option and Lead Links
    When adding reminders, you have the option of syncing to your Google Calendar if you want to. If you choose to do so, a link to the lead in the new dashboard is included in every reminder that's added to your Google Calendar to make your mobile life easier.

    Alternative Notifications and Reminders
    All Lead notifications and reminders are displayed every day with the Notifications button at the very top (Warning Triangle Icon.) Reminders show even if you're not synced to a Google Calendar!

    Redesigned Lead Details
    When reviewing a lead, all important functions are grouped under the "What would you like to do?" menu. This essentially links to the appropriate section in the "Profile" tab where you can edit the appropriate setting that you're looking for. Subscription status, seller info, etc are all there. Right in that same area you can edit hashtags and also review popular listing history below without straining to look too far.

    Redesigned Lender Followups
    When you opt to CC a lender on notes, your lender can now directly respond to that note via email. A huge shortcut to get your lenders more involved in the lead cultivation process.

    Redesigned Blog Tools
    Adding a Blog post has been re-designed. There are now specific tools that make embedding listings, videos, etc really easy. We have a complete write-up of the new blogging features here!


    Our Features

    Learn the important parts of our system.

    Google Integration

    We sync with Gmail, Google Calendar & More

    Visually Appealing

    A beautiful website to accompany software that works, beautifully

    Smart Lender Leads

    Innovative tools to capture leads that want to speak with your Lender


    The lines between working from a Desktop, and Mobile device have been blurred

    Blog Ads

    Subsidize your site with preferred partners and blogging!

    Text Leads

    Use our texting platform to generate leads looking at your homes in person!

    Custom Blog Engine

    Immediate exposure to search engines with our custom blog platform

    Reverse Marketing

    Mine your leads for unique opportunities!

    Client Side App

    Give your Leads & Clients access to your own powerful mobile search tools!

    Chat Lead Acquisition

    Our In-House team will support your website from 7am to 2am and generate leads the entire time by converting random visitors!

    Lead Distribution

    Control which leads go to specific agents based on price, and area

    Client Feedback

    Get feedback from your sold clients on the performance of your Agents!

    Client Testimonials

    Publish testimonials from your Clients directly to your Kunversion site!

    Lead Metadata

    Kunversion can accurately cross-check leads email addresses and phone numbers before you follow up

    Text Short-Codes

    Setup reusable codes for your text messaging system. You only need one sign!

    Kunversion Login

    It's like going from driving around in a horse drawn carriage, to rolling down the streets in a Ferrari.

    JP Piccinini

    Our business is booming, Kunversion rules.

    Russ Woolley

    As a 5-year Director of Lead Management for large brokerages, this one is the HIGHEST in PERFORMANCE

    Jacque Evans

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